How to Choose Your Bridal Bouquet

Don’t fret if you are just getting started and have no idea what kind of bouquet you want – we are here to help make the process fun! Check out our easy guide for creating your perfect wedding flowers. Each bouquet we create is uniquely crafted for each bride – no two are the same! […]

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June 21, 2022

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Don’t fret if you are just getting started and have no idea what kind of bouquet you want – we are here to help make the process fun! Check out our easy guide for creating your perfect wedding flowers.

Each bouquet we create is uniquely crafted for each bride – no two are the same! Truly, flowers are very personal and your bouquet should be a reflection of your personality and the mood you’d like to set for your special day. Below we’ve listed some common questions, concerns, and design choices to keep in mind throughout the process, whether you know exactly what you want or have no idea where to begin.

Shapes and Sizes

Florists will usually start with the most important design of the whole day when planning with a bride – the bouquet. Consider what type of visual impact you want to make with your bouquet, and the overall shape is a great place to start. A great piece of advice is to think about how it will compliment your dress shape and mood. Below we’ve listed the most common shapes and the visual statement they make.

  • Classic Round bouquets are understated, simple, and the most traditional. Rounder bouquets tend to compliment more fuller and rounder dress silhouettes.
  • Classic Garden bouquets are our specialty! Layered with greenery and blooms mixed throughout for a pretty hand tied bouquet that looks freshly picked.
  • Cascade bouquets are also traditional, offering more of a draping effect with either greenery or flowers for a natural flow to them. Cascade bouquets are trending again as they take on a more modern spin.
  • Modern Layered Garden bouquets are becoming increasingly popular, as they can vary in different shapes and sizes and look modern with muted color palettes. These beautiful bouquets feature minimal greenery and focus more on flowers to create depth and layers. Creating what looks like fireworks of pastel or muted colors, and is visually striking and whimsical. Their overall shape tends towards a more oval design.
  • Abstract and Loose Gathered bouquets generally compliment more fitted silhouettes, and create a fun, bold statement beyond the clean lines of the dress shape. It makes the dress seem more streamlined, while the dress brings out the natural and bold shape of the bouquet – a perfect combination for the bride who wants to show her classic style yet have fun and do something different.

Choosing Your Flowers

When it comes to what kind of focus blooms to incorporate, it’s easy to get lost in the myriad of flowers that exist! Don’t worry, focus on color and mood first – and then we will fill in the rest with you!

  • Pick flowers that reflect your wedding season. Not every flower is available all year long, and you’ll want fresh blooms that evoke the season. Some favorites are sunflowers for summer, orchids for winter, tulips for spring, and dahlias for the fall. Our design team will help guide you towards varieties that are available around your date and offer suggestions.
  • Match the flowers to your wedding style or theme. Consider the feel of your venue, and our design team can offer suggestions for flowers that compliment the look and feel of your special day. The types of flowers you choose will shape the tone of your wedding. A ball room or estate wedding may pair nicely with more elegant and traditional flowers like hydrangea, roses, lisianthus for example. While a rustic outdoor ceremony calls for more creative, natural wildflowers and trailing greenery.
  • Your color palette doesn’t have be super matchy – don’t be afraid to have fun and have some pops of accent colors that naturally compliment the whole bouquet. All white wedding flowers often look more elevated with small touches of your favorite color, or a hue that works well with the overall look and feel.

Special Accents and Details

Weddings are an important tradition, and many families like to keep their traditions alive for the special day. We see this in passing down wedding dresses, “something borrowed, and something blue,” etc. But did you know the bridal bouquet can be a special way to honor our family members and family traditions?

  • We wrap each bouquet handle with silk ribbon, but we will often place memorial lockets or heirloom charms with pictures of family members who could not be with us in person, but are there in spirit. As a special way to carry them with us down the aisle.
  • Incorporating family members favorite flowers into the bouquet to honor them.
  • We can also place rhinestones onto the focal blooms of the bouquet for the bride who likes some glitz and glamour to peek through!
  • Small dried accents and special seasonal textures are popular among more modern and boho arrangements to add interesting depth and layers. It creates a rustic, relaxed feel – which is why we often see them in autumnal, boho, and rustic barn weddings. Boutonnieres look great with tiny pampas or bunny tail accents too!

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